Request a Future Learning Space for semester 1 (2024-2025) before Monday March 11

Do you want to use a Future Learning Space in semester 1 (2024-2025) or are you looking for a special location for learning activities in your class? Please contact or inform your faculty scheduling office which FLS you would like to use. Due to the planning of the educational timetable, it is important to submit the application for semester 1 (2024-2025) no later than March 11!

What is a Future Learning Space?

The standard (work)group spaces are becoming increasingly flexible, but sometimes your ideas for learning activities during your lessons do not fit in the available spaces. The layout of the room is not suitable for group work or during the learning activities you had thought of, you still run into limitations. Do you recognize this? Maybe a Future Learning Space is something for you!

Future Learning Spaces are available for all UU-lecturers and have been developed to offer teachers and students the opportunity to experiment with the layout of the room.

Various experimental spaces have been created in close collaboration with lecturers and students and new innovative spaces are in the pipeline!

For example, we are working hard on an Outdoor Learning Space in the Botanical Gardens and on a Collaborative lecture hall in the city center.

Which Future Learning Space can I book?

Click on the links of already developed spaces below for more detailed information or go to the Future Learning Spaces website

  1. Learning Plaza: Minnaert building, room 1.25 (capacity: 150 persons): Due to its size, the Learning plaza offers the possibility for different learning activities to take place simultaneously
  2. Van Lier & Eggink: Administration building, Heidelberglaan 8 (cap: 60p /only chairs 100p): Versatile (workgroup) space that supports many different forms of education. The focus of the space is on group work and "student-centered" forms of education
  3. Virtual Classroom: Ruppertgebouw, ruimte 1.39 (capacity: 48 persons online): Space for distance education with a natural teaching experience similar to teaching in a physical learning environment
  4. Mobile hybride set: Facility /equipment for education in the field (cap: unlimited): The mobile hybrid set is not a physical learning space but a 'Telebuddy', developed to be used at (external) locations or in the field for hybrid education.

NB: The (Hybrid) Active Learning Classroom at Bolognalaan 100, room 2.049 (capacity 48 persons) will be returned to the BGS contingent as of September 2024. Booking this space will no longer be done via FLS but again via the faculty scheduling office

Reservations block 3 and 4 (2023-2024)

In block 3 and 4 of thís academic year (2023-2024) there are also still moments available for teachers who want to make use of an FLS. You can check via TimeEdit reserve whether a space is still available and make a reservation. If you are using a room for the first time, we will contact you to provide advice or support in its use.


Do you have any additional questions or would you like to take a look at rooms or try out the mobile hybrid set? Please contact us at