18 March 2019

Book launch 'Securing Europe after Napoleon - 1815 and the New European Security Culture' at Columbia University New York

On 27 February Prof. Ido de Haan (History of International Relations), Prof. Beatrice de Graaf (History of International Relations) and Prof. Brian Vick launched their new book Securing Europe after Napoleon: 1815 and the New European Security Culture at Columbia University New York. 

De Haan, de Graaf, and Vick, being editors as well as contributors for the book, were all able to speak individually about the major points to be found in the new text. Following these remarks was a panel discussion.

presentations on Securing Europe after napoleon

First to speak was Beatrice de Graaf, who discussed the “security culture,” which emerged in Europe after Napoleon. Then Ido de Haan spoke on the international police networks in Europe after the fall of Napoleon. After De Haan’s talk, Brian Vick joined the conversation, illustrating the nature of the new historical ideas Securing Europe after Napoleon has to offer to academia.


Following this portion of the event was a Q&A with the audience, which addressed questions of nationalism in 1800s Europe and structures of the military and police forces at the time.

Institutions for open societies

Beatrice de Graaf and Ido de Haan are both historians and also connected to Institutions for Open Societies - an interdisciplinary research area of Utrecht University focused on the development and expansion of healthy open societies everywhere.

blog wouter klem

Wouter Klem wrote a blog about the trip to New York on the ERC website, titled Underneath the Skyscrapers. The social learning of professional tourism