Bright Minds Assistantships

The Graduate School of Geosciences offers Bright Minds Assistantships since 2017. The assistantship programme is offered in addition to Utrecht University’s Bright Minds Fellowships. The aim of these assistantships is to involve you in ongoing scientific projects conducted by academic staff and PhD candidates. This allows you to experience what it takes to do research and to pursue a career in science.

The call for applications for September 2023 is now closed. The call for applications for February 2024 will open mid-October.

Who can apply?

You can apply for an assistantship if you are a (prospective) master's student at the Graduate School of Geosciences. You need to be enrolled in a master's programme during your assistantship. The assistantships are for highly motivated and talented students with a special interest in geoscientific research. They are available to Dutch and EU students, as well as non-EU students.

In the selection procedure, preference is given to first-year master's students. Second-year master's students are however also eligible for a Bright Minds Assistantship and welcome to apply.

More information

What you need to know when you apply:


Please find all project proposals submitted for this round of Bright Minds Assistantships (September 2023) listed below. All proposals concern ongoing research projects at Utrecht University that have indicated an interest to employ a Bright Minds Assistant.