Beginning to end

As a supervisor, you are involved in many of the formal issues, such as completing forms in MyPhD and conducting Assessment & Development (A&D) Interviews. This time schedule shows an overview of a typical PhD track and the necessary steps to take, from the beginning until the end of your supervision. The activities are described in more detail below. They refer to procedures, regulations and forms as described on the university website for PhD candidates (the UU PhD manual and Practical matters / Regulations and forms). For further information about quality assurance, such as the rights and obligations of the parties involved, please consult the quality assurance plan for PhD research, training and supervision of the Graduate School of Geosciences (pdf). The roles that you, your PhD candidate, and other people have in a number of important quality assurance mechanisms, have been made explicit in the overview “Planning and people involved in quality assurance PhD GSG”.

Please note! In case of unsatisfying results of the PhD candidate during the first six months, you should contact your HR adviser about this in time (before the A&D interview in the sixth month). It is advisable to invite the HR adviser to this A&D interview.