Future PhD candidates

As a PhD candidate in the Netherlands, you are not a student but a university employee in most cases. The Graduate School of Geosciences therefore does not have a standard enrolment procedure. 

PhD programmes

Applying for a job as a PhD candidate is only possible if a vacancy exists, usually following from a research grant (for example, EU-H2020). A selection procedure will be in place, in which the quality of the applicant is leading. Alternatively, you may have a scholarship grant that has been granted to you by an external organisation. Also in this case, a selection procedure is in place, in which not only the quality of the applicant is important. The proposed project should also fit in the research group and the Graduate School of Geosciences. We strongly advise you not to send an application to the Graduate School or to professors if no job opening is announced or if you do not have an appropriate scholarship grant. Please note that Utrecht University does not provide PhD scholarships.

There are several scholarship providers. The Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) is one of them. Utrecht University provides information on CSC, such as information on the Utrecht University programme procedure. Specifics for the faculty of Geosciences can be found in de Geosciences CSC addendum. The addendum contains information for the applicant and for the prospective supervisor. Please note that the faculty of Geosciences has a very strict selection process. Moreover, not all departments or groups are open to CSC applications.

Please note that you can only be received with a scholarship of at least the amount of the Dutch net minimum wage (in 2023, the applied threshold is €1786,29). The financial condition relating to scholarship will take effect from 15 April 2023 and will apply to people received by the faculty from that date onwards (date of acceptance letter or, in the absence of such a letter, actual receipt).”

General information

If you are interested in a Geosciences PhD programme, you will find essential information on doing a PhD, obtaining a PhD position (vacancies) and practical matters on our general university webpages on PhD programmes. For more information on admissions and general requirements, read the Utrecht University Doctoral Degree Regulations.

Faculty information

More detailed faculty-related information is offered on the webpages for current PhD candidates.