Beginning to end

There are necessary steps to take, from the beginning until the end of your PhD. This time schedule shows an overview of a typical track. It refers to procedures, regulations and forms as described on the university website for PhD candidates (for example the UU PhD manual or Practical matters / Regulations and forms for the required actions at the start and the end of your programme), and to faculty-specific activities, which are described in more detail below. For further information about quality assurance, such as the rights and obligations of the parties involved, please consult the quality assurance plan for PhD research, training and supervision of the Graduate School of GeosciencesThe roles that you, your supervisor, and other people have in a number of important quality assurance mechanisms, have been made explicit in the overview “Planning and people involved in quality assurance PhD GSG".

The beginning

At the start of your PhD programme, you must be registered in the MyPhD. This includes completing data related to training and supervision. Do this in cooperation with your supervisor(s). Please note that at most two promotors and two co-promotors may be involved. The minimum is one promotor and one (co-)promotor.

The middle

During your PhD programme there are several activities and responsibilities to keep in mind. 

The end

At the end of your programme, your PhD thesis will have to be approved and you will have to defend it in order to obtain your degree.

Practical information

There are some things you need to know as a PhD candidate of Utrecht University.