The Graduate School of Geosciences offers a wide range of challenging Master’s and PhD programmes in the fields of Earth Sciences, Physical Geography, Human Geography and Planning, and Sustainable Development. The Graduate School is especially responsible for:

  • The admission of Master’s students and PhD candidates.
  • The quality of teaching and supervision in the Master’s and PhD programmes.


The mission of the Graduate School of Geosciences is to deliver outstanding independent professionals in the field of Geosciences. These professionals will be familiar with the latest developments in their field, and able to develop this scientific field further based on scientific and socially relevant questions. The Graduate School of Geosciences offers advanced research-intensive education in which education and research go hand in hand. Students should benefit optimally from the presence of top researchers and research groups, including a research ‘ecosystem’ with top research facilities and infrastructures. We encourage the notion that research and education are also relevant for society. 

Strategic aims

The Graduate School of Geosciences has three strategic aims.