Early 2017 the Utrecht Platform for Applied Data Science kicked off.

The intelligent use of the massive amount of data nowadays available has become one of the main challenges of our modern society. Many problems may be solved by using the opportunities provided by the ‘datafication’ of our society. The Utrecht Platform for Applied Data Science UPADS addresses this need. It helps scientists in applying the latest and smartest technologies and methods in data science in their research of questions that are relevant to society.

UPADS will bring together researchers and students from all fields. The aim of this new focus area is to form a community in which researchers communicate about their research, keep abreast of developments in data science, promote and develop teaching at various levels and, ultimately, collaborate in interdisciplinary research projects.

UPADS connects researchers in substantive domains with researchers in more fundamental areas. It will accelerate the adaptation of new ideas and findings from fundamental data science in other disciplines working with data.

Furthermore, UPADS will provide a wide range of data science courses on various levels for specialists, students and scientists within and outside the university.

To achieve this, UPADS will:

  1. Build a data science community at Utrecht Science Park that will help researchers to get to know each other and to get informed about the latest developments in Data Science and opportunities in research and society.
  2. Start an active applied data science centre of excellence in which data scientists from different disciplines will interact with each other, with students and with third-party professionals. The centre will build and maintain an active network with relevant companies and institutions and invite them to articulate questions in the area of data science. The centre will help to translate these questions into viable research projects and to find the required funding.

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>> Download the UPADS start document (PDF).


Alexander Schonhuth
12 October 2017
Dr. Alexander Schönhuth has been appointed Professor of Genome Data Science for one day per week at the Institute of Biodynamics and Biocomplexity
2 June 2017
iRODS experts from all over the world are coming to Utrecht University. Utrecht has the honour to host the annual User Group Meeting of the iRODS consortium
Data Science Day 13 april 2017
3 May 2017
The recurrent theme in the programme was the increasing extent to which data is part of our lives and hence a source for scientific research