The Self-Regulation Lab is a research and teaching laboratory from the department of Social, Health and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University that investigates different aspects of self-regulation and self-control. Our laboratory does experimental, cross-sectional, and intervention studies using self-report, behavioral, and brain imaging methods.

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9 April 2018
Roseanne terug op de Amerikaanse tv. Een gemiste kans om het verdeelde land met zichzelf te verzoenen. Denise de Ridder kijkt om zich heen, in Trump country.
Marieke Adriaanse
14 February 2018
Marieke Adriaanse gave a lecture on this item and was interviewed by LEVEN! Magazine. Read more.
Launch of the Handbook of Self-Control in Health and Wellbeing
5 February 2018
Self-control has gained much attention in the past years, but a book entirely dedicated to this important topic was still lacking.