The Self-Regulation Lab is a research and teaching laboratory from the department of Social, Health and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University that investigates different aspects of self-regulation and self-control. The lab also examines the psychological underpinnings of nudges, arrangements in the choice architecture that support people in making their intended choices. Our laboratory does experimental, cross-sectional, and intervention studies using self-report, behavioral, and  experience sampling methods.

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Nudging and Beyond
5 November 2018
Welfare Improvement through Nudging Knowledge ‘Nudging and Beyond’ conference: June 19-20, 2019.
15 October 2018
Denise de Ridder in gedragscolumn van NRC over gezond leven.
15 October 2018
Overheid kan beter gewenst gedrag stimuleren (nudgen) dan ongewenst gedrag bestraffen, zegt hoogleraar psychologie Denise de Ridder.