Updates, application links and Q&A


Update 16 March 2020:

Two new applications are open. The application deadline for this RESCUE call 4 is Friday 3 April 2020. Please be aware of the overall remarks below this page! Upload your 1 pdf with CV, motivaion letter and diploma copies through the werkenbijumcutrecht.nl site, see the links above. Make sure you fulfill all eligibility criteria.



The mobility eligibility explained:

All candidates should strictly fulfil these eligibility criteria set by the EC

  • At the time of the application deadline (3 April 2020) candidates have not lived or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the application deadline in The Netherlands.

    Short stays (such as holidays), compulsory national services (such as mandatory military service) and procedures for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention do NOT count. Candidates are NOT eligible if they are already permanently employed by the entity where the research training activities will take place (UMCU). The mobility eligibility does not apply for the secondments.

The career eligibility explained:

All candidates should strictly fulfil these eligibility criteria set by the EC

At the time of the appointment date (first date on the contract/project), candidates are in the first four years of their research careers (full-time equivalent research experience, measured from the date when a researcher has obtained the degree entitling him/her to embark on a doctorate, either in the country in which it was obtained or in which he/she is recruited); and candidates are not in the possession of a doctoral degree.


Q: I have received my MSc degree in 2015. Am I eligible?

A: In this case you are only eligible if you can convincingly prove you did not perform RESEARCH longer than 48 months (full-time equivalent) in total between the date of your degree and your RESCUE appointment date.



You had a medical education and career, with no research activities since 2015 for more than 48 months and can prove this with official documentation. We will ask selected candidates to provide proof of all research related and non-research related activities carried out since the date of their MSc degree, should the graduation have taken place more than 4 years before the appointment date.



Q: Can I apply for multiple ESR positions?

A: Applications will only be considered if received through the mandatory www.werkenbijumcu.nl and that are specified and motivated for the specific position.

Q: I am currently completing my Master’s study, but will not finish before the recruitment deadline. What should I do?

A: Please mention in your application the date you expect to finish your study and the date you expect to receive your degree. You can show e.g. the results you already received and the subjects of your MSc study etc. You should have finished your study before the appointment date and receive your diploma shortly after (within a couple of months).

Q: What is the expected appointment date?

The preferred appointment date is 1 Juli 2020.

Q: Can I apply with my background touching the biomedical field?

A: You need to be able to convince us that you are suitable and an excellent candidate for a certain position. There are a lot of fields mentioned in the requirements for the candidates and per position. Also, everywhere the words ‘or related area’ is stated.

Q: I already applied for positions during previous calls. Can I apply again?

A: If you applied during the previous calls in 2018/2019, but your application was not selected, we encourage you to check the vacant positions. Consider whether you would be an excellent fit based on your background and the project you want to apply for. Update your motivation letter and CV to the vacant project. Check if you are still eligible (mobility and career).

Q: Do I need to be able to show a TOEFL score?

A: If you have or something similar, yes please. If you do not have a TOEFL score or something similar please describe (how you have obtained) your excellent proficiency of the English language (both oral and written).

Q: Is it a issue that the other 29 RESCUE fellows already have started in 2019?

A: No it is not an issue. All RESCUE fellows join the Regenerative Medicine PhD School. You will have joined courses, meetings etc etc. One follow started March 2020, two will start in the summer of 2020. You will have plenty of opportunities to communicate, network and get to know each other in the next 3-4 years!

Overall remarks:

Please comment in your motivation letter issues that may need to be addressed. Please take the time to read the information already available on the website, and avoid emails asking for information already provided.

Please do not email your CV and motivation letter to us. Applications will only be considered if received through the 'apply now' button on the vacancy page on www.werkenbijumcutrecht.nl. Use your motivation letter to convince the PI you are the most excellent, smart and suitable candidate for the specific position you have chosen.
Please use your common sense in what you should and/or can show us with your application in convincing us that you: are eligible, have finished your MSc before the appointment date and have an excellent proficiency of the English language (both oral and written), etc. We appreciate it, if not all candidates send questions to the general RESCUE email. Thank you, it is much appreciated.

You can find an overview of all vacant ESR PhD projects, including the subjects, PIs, departments, partner organisations and mobility eligibility criteria clicking on the button below.