Members of the Section for Political History collaborate with many societal partners, local and national media, professional networks, and heritage foundations. They frequently deliver talks for non-academic audiences, interviews, and make other media appearances. 


Below are some examples. Please have a look at the individual staff members' web pages for specific areas of expertise.

Renewed Canon of Dutch history

Canon van Nederland

In 2020 James Kennedy was chair of the committee for revisiting the canon of Dutch history. The committee aimed to make the Canon more inclusive and added new texts to the 50 historical windows on the Dutch past.

Annual theme 4 and 5 May

Every year, the National Committee 4 and 5 May chooses a theme that inspires to link commemoration and celebration and to relate historical events to current events worldwide. In 2022, Annelien de Dijn wrote the annual theme text 'Freedom in connection'.

Neoliberalism in post-war Netherlands

Tweede kamer ©

In the NWO project 'Market Makers. A political history of neoliberalism in the Netherlands (1945-2002)', Ido de Haan investigated the political thought, scope and policy influence of the neoliberal movement in post-war Netherlands.

Podcast with a historical look at current events

René Koekkoek is co-founder and presenter of the podcast Blik Achteruit (looking backwards). In these podcasts, Utrecht and Amsterdam historians explore the historical roots and twists of current issues with engaging guests.