Drawing on our wide expertise in the full range of political historical research, we provide diverse course offerings at the Bachelor's and Master's level: on revolutions, politics of the past, history of equality, ideologies, and citizenship. These include:

For Bachelor's students

Political Conflict in Modern Europe

In the English-taught Bachelor’s programme in History, we are responsible for the specialisation Political Conflict in Modern Europe, in which researchers share their expertise with students. This specialisation offers students an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of different forms of political power struggle from the Early Modern era until now.

PPE + history

We also contribute to the interdisciplinary Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Utrecht University, which is the only PPE programme in the world with a curriculum that includes history.

For Master's students

History of Politics and Society

In collaboration with the Economic and Social History group, we offer the Master’s programme in History of Politics and Society. This programme addresses the emergence of political and social institutions in an international comparative perspective. 


The research Master's programme History offers research-based training in history as an academic discipline, and in the area of political history.

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