Special Interest Groups

Our special interest groups (SIGs) are interdisciplinary groups of three or more researchers from at least two faculties, that work on subthemes relevant to the focus area Governing the Digital Society. 

Governing digital societies beyond privacy and data protection

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This Special Interest Group looks at approaches to governance of digital societies other than privacy and data protection. Focusing exlusively on privacy and data protection might overshadow issues of social justice, discrimination, power structures, uneven wealth distribution, transactional fairness and others. 

Principles by Design: towards good data practice

Data and algorithms are the result of human decisions and values, but also the prejudices that underlie them. Given that trend, there is a need to develop good data practices. What are good data practices? How do we implement the principles of good data in the design of our technologies? 

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Inclusion in the Datafied City

Modern cities are datafied cities. How can data aid in strengthening civic participation and public values in the smart city? How can the use of data lead to more equitable outcomes for citizens? 

Platformisation of education

Commercial platforms have deeply penetrated the organisation of Dutch primary, secondary and higher education. What does this embrace of private platforms mean for education as a public good, driven by public values?

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Digital migration 

Digitisation and migration are fundamental drivers of economic, cultural, societal, and political transformation, but how are these two processes interrelated?

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PhD Network

The PhD Network SIG aims to support PhD researchers in their current projects, to explore the intersections of their respective disciplines and fields, build bridges through interdisciplinary collaboration, and generally foster a welcoming, supporting, and productive PhD community.