Utrecht Microbiome Network - UMN

Microbiome research is accelerating research activities across Utrecht Science Park, due to great advances in affordable sequencing technologies. The microbiome is studied from different perspectives and in a multitude of hosts, and by a wide variety of Utrecht researchers. The Utrecht Microbiome Network aims to enhance the exchange of knowledge and technologies, stimulate transdisciplinary collaborations, and build sustainable bridges between groups and researchers.

Our goal

We aim to be a dynamic community of engaged researchers connected through on- and offline platforms/activities. One of the central research questions we work on is: How can microbiomes (soil, food, feed, animal, human, and so on) be exploited to achieve safer and more sustainable agriculture and promote host resilience and health? This requires us to unravel the causality of microbe-host interactions; investigate the role of the microbiome on host resilience (of humans, livestock, and plants); and understand the societal barriers and drivers of potential applications.

This central research question will address two fundamental problems: (1) we need to feed the world’s population within the planetary boundaries of Earth and (2) rates of many non-communicable, chronic diseases are increasing, and healthy food is a major part of the solution.

Our community

Utrecht houses microbiome expertise at a world class level. We will organize monthly seminars on general microbiome research and different expertise topics open for any microbiome researcher.

Finally, feel free to contact us if you want to join the Utrecht Microbiome Network.

Meet our community

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