Family relationships and development in Turkish, Turkish-Dutch and Dutch families

Turks gezin

This study examines the relationship between the home situation (family relationships, parenting, relationship between parents and material circumstances), personality of the child and the functioning of parents and children in families with children between 4 and 12 years, specifically in times of Corona. In particular, we are interested in the relationship between parents, parental childrearing practices, family functioning, division of tasks between parents, experiences and dealing with Corona and the government measures, and finally the physical and mental health and well-being of parents and their children. All this is investigated in three cultures, namely in Turkish, Turkish-Dutch and Dutch families.

The study

Specifically, participants are asked to complete a questionnaire of about 45-60 minutes online. It would be most helpful if both parents fill out the questionnaire, but if only one parent would like to participate, this is also possible.

Participants don't have to fill out their name; the study is anonymous. The questionnaire and research data are stored on a secure server of Utrecht University.
It is always possible to stop participating in the study, even in the middle of filling out the questionnaire. Participants do not have to give an explanation or reason. They can also temporarily pause and continue later (from the same computer/laptop/tablet).
Without the cooperation of parents, this study is not possible. We would therefore greatly appreciate it if people want to participate.

More information

Parents who want more information about the study can download a comprehensive information letter (in Dutch, Turkish or English).


Parents who wish to participate in the survey can complete the questionnaire.


Aysegul Metindogan

Aysegul Metindogan was a guest researcher from Istanbul at our department in 2019-2020. She is a clinical and developmental psychologist, studied in Istanbul and New York and received her PhD in New York. She currently works as an assistant professor at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.


Her research focuses on parenting and child developmental outcomes, gender development, fathering, couple relationships, internalizing and externalizing problem behaviors, parental mental health and family dynamics. She focuses both on wider social and cultural context as well as home environment with emphasis on parenting behaviors, goals, parental mental health and couple relationships. Currently she is a visiting professor at Utrecht University and conducting a cross cultural study of family dynamics and child developmental outcomes with Turkish, Turkish Dutch and Dutch families.


She has been teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses in developmental psychology, research methods, gender and sexuality development, cross cultural perspectives in families, applied research, and applied child development to list a few. She has been supervising both masters’ and doctoral students and has served in many committees in addition to teaching and supervising senior student research projects.

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