Animals & dialogue

CenSAS organizes and facilitates dialogue for all citizens, in order to create a safe haven and open up space for (sometimes loaded) topics when it comes to the interaction and relationships between humans and other animals. These dialogues can emerge out of a research projects or education, but not necessarily. It can be set in motion for example, to foster learning amongst particular groups (exploration of an issue to share insights or perspectives). 

Are you interested to organize a dialogue session yourself relating to this topic? Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss options.

What and why dialogue?

Dialogue is a communicative process in which people exchange thoughts and experiences. The focus is on listening and probing to achieve deeper understanding or explore new meanings.

Dialogue can foster openness and therewith mutual understanding and exploration amongst the participants. The interaction might lead to unforeseen creativity while addressing the complex dilemma's and issues.

Animal Talks

The CenSAS Animal Talks is an annual event for anybody wishing to contribute ideas on guidelines for the treatment of animals. Whether your interest in animals is personal or professional, all are welcome. During the Animal Talks, participants form groups to discuss various situations in which humans and animals encounter one another. The dialogue is an inclusive space for all views, opinions and fields of expertise. It is a form that promotes genuine communication, and supports the common goal of finding long-term, well-considered solutions to societal questions.

Below you can find the public report of previous Animal Talks.