What we want

We want to spark a dialogue on how humans and animals can best live together.

The Netherlands is a densely populated country, with many people and animals living together in a small area. We keep animals for production, for companionship and for research, but we are also surrounded by animals living in the wild.

What is a good way to deal with animals? And what is ‘good’ in general? How can people and animals live in harmony together? These are important issues that are often the subject of debate; issues such as separating dairy cattle and their calves, managing populations of deer and wild boars in the Veluwe, or breeding purebred dogs. How do we as a society hope to address these issues?

Divergent visions, divergent issues

People often have differing visions and interests when it comes to these issues. One person may believe that animals should not be used as food, while another may see animals purely as a source of income. There are as many differing opinions about animals as there are competing interests. It is therefore much more difficult to find answers and solutions that all of the parties involved can agree to, much less arrive at the careful and responsible treatment of animals.

Time for a new approach

We believe that a new approach is needed; an approach that brings together science and society and creates space for a constructive dialogue on animal-related issues. CenSAS aims to meet that need. We want to contribute to a sustainable and responsible relationship between humans and animals by taking economic and veterinary issues into consideration in animal-related issues, as well as moral, political and emotional aspects. This requires a broad approach that is scientifically justified and that satisfies society’s standards. This will ensure that any potential solutions enjoy widespread support - both today and in the future. And in the end, that is what will benefit animals and people the most.