Working together

We aim to bring together a wide range of viewpoints in an open dialogue between society and the scientific community.

We cannot find solutions for a sustainable and responsible relationship between humans and animals on our own, so we prefer to work together with researchers and partners from social organisations and the animal sector.

Open dialogue between stakeholders

Our objectives and our methods place us at the centre of the interactions between parties and organisations that work with animals in the broadest sense. These include livestock farmers, animal protection organisations, animal-related commerce, and policy. All of our stakeholders are important and useful partners in cooperation. We aim to bring together parties with divergent opinions or interests and to spark an open dialogue between scientists, stakeholders and the rest of society.

Connecting disciplines

At CenSAS, we utilise a multidisciplinary approach. That means we involve a variety of scientific disciplines at both Wageningen University and Research and Utrecht University in our activities. They contribute animal-related expertise pertaining to animal health and welfare, but also the social sciences, which focus on psychology, consumer behaviour, and social appreciation for the interaction between humans and animals. We also work closely together with Utrecht University’s Ethics Institute and the Philosophy Group (PHI) at Wageningen University and Research.