Special Interest Group Imaging

Organisation team

Wilbert Bartels (Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht)
Steven de Jong (Geosciences, UU)
Josien Pluim (Biomedical Engineering TU Eindhoven, Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht)

Ganges Delta


Imaging, which is the process of creating visual representations of information, plays an important role in many fields of science, including biology, biomedical sciences, geosciences, and medicine. Modern imaging equipment produces digital images, and a whole range of imaging techniques allow the acquisition of images at many scales, ranging from microscopic images, via medical images of the human body, to satellite images of the surface of the earth, and beyond.

The field of imaging is evolving rapidly. Various modalities are currently employed to produce vast amounts of imaging data. Besides being multi-modal, the dimensions of imaging data sets are not limited to 3D space and time, as many physical quantities can be spatiotemporally mapped.

The complex nature and richness of imaging data has led to the development of dedicated data processing approaches for image acquisition, for image processing and analysis, and for image interpretation and decision support. Machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence, play an increasingly important role.

The objective of the SIG Imaging is to bring together data scientists and imaging experts from different backgrounds, so as to stimulate the development, implementation, and validation of technology for data analysis in imaging applications.


The SIG is open to all researchers at UU or UMCU who are interested in imaging. If you would like to be updated about the activities of this SIG, please register for our newsletter.


For further inquiries, please contact Alberto De Luca (a.deluca-2@umcutrecht.nl).

Alberto de Luca