Thermal storage

Utrecht University wants to contribute maximally to solving the climate problem. It strives to be CO2 neutral in 2030. By reducing its own energy use, using fossil fuels optimally and making the transition to a 100 % sustainable-energy provision, the university can meet the energy goals within the sustainability ambition.

As a part of this, the university is installing thermal-storage facilities in Utrecht Science Park (USP). With the most recent installation of a thermal-storage facility in the central area of the campus in 2020 and another one near the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the future, the university in Utrecht Science Park is taking bigger and bigger steps towards a CO2 neutral university,

This animation shows how the thermal storage system works.

Thermal storage in Utrecht Science Park

In the north-west cluster of USP and at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the south-east of the campus, thermal-storage facilities were realised a couple of years ago. Multiple buildings in the north-west of the campus were connected to the thermal-storage facility back then. Foundation Incubator is connected to the thermal-storage facility at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The new buildings of the faculty will be connected to a to-be realised thermal-storage facility as soon as they are finished.

In the central area of USP, a new thermal-storage facility was put to use in 2020. The David de Wied building is the first building that was connected to this facility. The building obtains 80-90 % of its energy use from thermal storage. The energy exchange of the entire north-west cluster is equal to the connection of the David de Wied building in the central area. By connecting the David de Wied building, the use capacity was doubled at once.

Thermal-storage facility

Future thermal-storage connections

All properties between the Heidelberglaan and the Leuvenlaan that border on the thermal-storage facility in the central area can soon be connected. In late 2021, a start will be made to establish connection possibilities for this facility. The buildings that will be connected are bulk consumers, so there is much to gain there.

The Marinus Ruppert building, the Educatorium and the Nicolaas Bloembergen building will be connected and the preparations will be started to connect the to-be redeveloped Willem C. van Unnik building, the University Library and the Hugo R. Kruyt building.

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a fourth thermal-storage facility will be built so the buildings in that area can also be added.

WKO werkzaamheden
Work on the thermal storage. Photographer: Dick Boetekees.

Do you have any questions on thermal storage?

For questions on WKO, you can turn to Teun Lam(north-west cluster and central area) or Gert-Jan Streefkerk: (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine area).