Our graduates have insight into the scientific backgrounds of sociology and can apply it in responsible sociological research in numerous relevant fields. Teaching takes place on a small scale, incorporating contemporary educational insights and facilities. Thanks in part to our active study society Usocia, there is lively interaction between students and lecturers. Our lecturers include renowned researchers and inspiring visiting lecturers from the Netherlands and abroad.

Our students become acquainted with the various aspects of sociological research in a Bachelor's degree with a broad focus. We supervise our Bachelor's students using theoretical and practical elements alike.

In the one-year Master's programme, 'Sociology: Contemporary Social Problems', we supervise our students from students to young professionals. The programme focuses on applying theoretical knowledge in practice. In work placements as well as group practical assignments, students use their sociological insights to contribute to solutions to social problems.

Our two-year international Master's programme, ‘Sociology and Social Research’, prepares students for an academic career. Many of the graduates embark on an academic career as a PhD candidate or in the employ of a research institute.