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Alles wat je altijd al had willen weten over taal. De taalcanon
29 November 2012
In 'De taalcanon', fifty linguists describe what fascinates them about language, in a profound yet comprehensible manner.
'Nederland en de jaren zeventig' - Duco Hellema
26 November 2012
Prof. Duco Hellema published a book on the Dutch society in the seventies.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland, deel 2: van 1550 tot 1700 - Arno Neele & Paul Brusse
15 November 2012
Recently the second volume in the series 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' has been published.
Jeanne Holierhoek, tweede Translator-in-Residence
5 November 2012
Jeanne Holierhoek will be the second Translator in Residence and give guest lectures at the Master Programme Literair Vertalen.
Annotated Books Online
5 November 2012
Prof. Els Stronks and Prof. Arnoud Visser have developed a digital research method for the study of historic reading practices: Annotated Books Online.
ERC Starting Grant for Ewout Frankema and Rick Nouwen
27 August 2012
Linguist Rick Nouwen and historian Ewout Frankema have received a ERC Starting Grant to establish a research line in the upcoming five years.
NWO-subsidie voor Horizon-project Digital Humanities
2 July 2012
The HORIZON-programme ‘E-Humanity Approaches to Reference Cultures′ has received a NWO research grant of €2 million.