News Utrecht University

23 April 2015
How can you ensure that a city can receive more than one million visitors in a few days?
Prof. dr. Birgit Meyer
22 April 2015
Birgit Meyer, professor of Religious studies at Utrecht University, receives the Academy Professor Prize from the KNAW.
22 April 2015
Dr Esther Stouthamer is examining how we can optimize delta management. That is why she initiated Future Deltas.
Bont and Sachs
21 April 2015
Second article regarding Seed Money Grants in Life Sciences.
21 April 2015
Eugene van Erven, Domitilla Olivieri and Maartje Willemijn Smits have started a partnership with Oxfam Novib on the project E-Motive ‘Going Global’.
17 April 2015
Warning: suspicious e-mail about expired library services
17 April 2015
Prof. Ludo Hellebrekers has been appointed the new Director of the Central Veterinary Institute (CVI), part of Wageningen UR, as of 1 June 2015.
John Craig Venter
16 April 2015
Dr Venter has developed novel approaches in genome sequencing
Fabiola Gianotti
14 April 2015
In her lecture, Prof. Fabiola Gianotti will discuss the challenging questions about the nature of energy and matter in the universe
Wentao Huang
13 April 2015
PhD research by Utrecht University’s Wentao Huang shows that the Himalayan continental collision began 52 million years ago.
Olaf Klungel
13 April 2015
Dr. Klungel is an expert in the field of research methods into the effects and risks of pharmaceuticals
10 April 2015
The Human Frontier Science Program has awarded a grant for research on pneumococcus that attack members of its own species with chemical weapons
10 April 2015
Wim Kremer, Education Director: “I am proud that we have once again received this accreditation".
Thomas Clerc. Photo credits: ©Jean-Baptiste Millot / Gallimard
9 April 2015
This year the Writer-in-Residence will be Parisian critically acclaimed writer Thomas Clerc, who will be visiting Utrecht on 11-17 May.
Jorien Vonk
8 April 2015
Permafrost thaw causes a positive feedback loop and accelerates global warming, Jorien Vonk concludes in Nature.