News Utrecht University

9 March 2015
Dr. Esther Stouthamer initiated the Future Deltas research programme, one of Utrecht University’s eleven research focus areas.
Prof. dr. Marc Bierkens
9 March 2015
New research shows that climate change will cause more flooding of rivers and thus results in an ever-increasing economic effect.
Sjaak Brinkkemper
5 March 2015
NWO has awarded a 1.1 million Euro grant for research on making extremely large software systems available via the cloud specific to an organisation
Roads in the Amazon
5 March 2015
Scientists call attention in Current Biology to 9 issues that must be considered to limit the environmental impacts of the ongoing expansion of infrastructure
Kurt VanLehn
5 March 2015
At the 379th Dies Natalis of Utrecht University, Computer Sciences Professor Kurt VanLehn will be presented with an honorary doctorate from the university
Maarten Kleinhans
2 March 2015
Physical geographer Maarten Kleinhans has been awarded an ERC grant of €2 million to expand his research into estuaries.
2 March 2015
Utrecht University and the World Health Organisation (WHO) will work together to make affordable patent-free medicines possible in developing countries
William Bell Scott, Iron and Coal, 1855-60 - Wikimedia Commons
27 February 2015
Surprisingly little is known about how and why industrialisation moved across the globe.
Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi
26 February 2015
Sandra Ponzanesi has received an ERC Grant to study the role of digital technologies in the integration of migrant communities in Europe.
Petra de Jongh
25 February 2015
Petra de Jongh has received a ERC grant of 2 million Euros for the development of catalysts for sustainable production of fuels, synthetics and pharmaceuticals
Viktor Szatmari
20 February 2015
Szent István University in Budapest, Hungary has granted Dr. Viktor Szatmári an honorary professorship.
19 February 2015
NWO has granted Franck Meijboom's request to start a research project on innovative methods of animal testing.
André Mischke
19 February 2015
NWO has awarded subatomic physicist Dr. André Mischke a Vici grant of 1.5 million Euros
Prof. dr. Sierd Cloetingh
18 February 2015
On 17 February the European Research Council announced the appointment of Professor Sierd Cloetingh of Utrecht University as its vice president.
18 February 2015
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University and VetVisuals ® International sign agreement.