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'Berechnung der Glückseligkeit' - Lars Behrisch (Thorbecke Verlag, 2015)
30 September 2014
Lars Behrisch received the Carl-Erdmann-Preis for his book 'Die Berechnung der Glückseligkeit'.
26 September 2014
The Dutch Data Prize for 2014 has been awarded to the Dutch Song Database in the category of Humanities & Social Sciences.
20 September 2014
This book offers both detailed accounts of the cults of individual writers and a comparative perspective on the spread of centenary fever across Europe.
NGOs under Pressure in Partial Democracies (Van der Borgh & Terwindt)
19 September 2014
Van der Borgh examines the pressures experienced by NGOs in four partial democracies: Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia and the Philippines.
Wende Museum. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Marie Astrid-Gonzalez
19 September 2014
From September 2014 to July 2015, cultural historian Dr Joes Segal is Executive Curator of the Wende Museum in Los Angeles.
Documentaire 'De waarde van de geesteswetenschappen'
12 September 2014
Prominent thinkers, including Rosi Braidotti, Frits van Oostrom and Paul Schnabel, reflect on the importance of the humanities.
Toga's van hoogleraren. Photo: UU/Dick Boetekees
10 September 2014
As of 1 July 2014, Lex Heerma van Voss has been appointed Professor of History of Social Security.
The Subject of Rosi Braidotti - Iris van der Tuin & Bolette Blaagaard
4 September 2014
Iris van der Tuin and Bolette Blaagaard composed a collection of essays in which internationally renowned scholars engage with Braidotti’s texts and concepts.
Games and Play summerschool 2014, participants
2 September 2014
A report of the summer school, which took place from 17 to 29 August 2014 at Utrecht University.
 Penance in Medieval Europe, 600-1200 - Rob Meens
28 August 2014
In his new book 'Penance in Medieval Europe, 600-1200', Rob Meens sets the rituals of penance and confession in their social and historical contexts.
150 years of Heineken: Brewery, brand, and family - Keetie Sluyterman & Bram Bouwens
14 August 2014
'150 years of Heineken: Brewery, brand, and family' describes the national and international expansion of the Gerard Heineken's brewing company.
17 July 2014
Researchers Bart Spee and Niels Geijsen seek to produce healthy liver cells from the body’s own cells to hopefully cure liver diseases.
Prof. dr. Leonard Rutgers
7 July 2014
Prof. Leonard V. Rutgers has received a € 750,000 grant for the project 'Reconfiguring Diaspora: The Transformation of the Jewish Diaspora in Late Antiquity'.
7 July 2014
On 1 July a consortium of research institutes received 12 million euros for the development of a digital infrastructure for the humanities: CLARIAH.
Prof. dr. Keimpe Algra
30 June 2014
As of 1 July Prof. Keimpe Algra will be Faculty Professor. His appointment concerns the new chair in History of ancient philosophy and science.