News Utrecht University

18 June 2015
Scientists from Utrecht and Vietnam are working closely together to identify the causes of subsidence of the Mekong Delta.
Er bestaan meerdere 'woordenboeken' voor de communicatie tussen eiwitten.
15 June 2015
A team of researchers has succeeded in combining five dictionaries for the communication between proteins in our body into one complete dictionary.
Prof. dr. Birgit Meyer. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
12 June 2015
The Spinoza prize, the most prestigious academic awards in the Netherlands, consists of 2.5 million euros to conduct research.
Visie VSNU
11 June 2015
The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has presented its strategic vision for education.
10 June 2015
More than one hundred and twenty researchers from Utrecht University gathered during the Urban Futures: Climate and Resources Sustainability Symposium.
10 June 2015
Geoscientists from Utrecht University have created an online calculator that estimates the location of almost every place on earth up to 200 million years ago.
Boompje groeit uit geld, funding
10 June 2015
The Center for Game Research has launched the first call for seed money proposals, with a budget of 70.000€.
Marianne Knoester met haar cheque en rechts juryvoorzitter prof.dr. Gerard van Koten
2 June 2015
Knoester received the award for her research proposal ‘Fractals in Graphene’
2 June 2015
The 'Level Up' conference in Utrecht in 2003 is still regarded as the actual birth of the new discipline of Game Research.
2 June 2015
PhD student Pim Croes has devised a system to determine the real price of a product.
UU vlag
1 June 2015
MaRS Discovery District and StartupDelta entered a Memorandum of Understanding with Utrecht University and Twente University
Aanvragers van de gehonoreerde TOP-PUNT-subsidies
1 June 2015
No less than three of the accepted TOP-PUNT grants of NWO Chemical Sciences have been awarded to teams of chemistry researchers at Utrecht University.
Joost Raessens (UU) spreekt tijdens de ‘Science Meets Business’-bijeenkomst
28 May 2015
Report of a seminar held on 22 May 2015 with UU researchers and large Dutch serious game companies.
Prof. dr. Karl Kügle
22 May 2015
Musicologist Karl Kügle and his team will study the rol of music in late medieval court cultures at a European scale.
22 May 2015
Beatrice de Graaf and Daan Weggemans conclude that the reintegration of jihadist ex-detainees often does not run smoothly.