Green Office Utrecht University

The Green Office (GO) is the platform for students and employees of Utrecht University where sustainable ideas are shaped, plans are put together and projects are launched, all with the objective to make the university more sustainable. We also raise awareness among students and staff about the sustainable achievements and ambitions of the UU. Lastly, we can provide you with a reasonable budget for your projects. Want to know more, read our Business Plan or feel free to come by our office and check your options.

Programme Team Sustainability

The Green Office is part of the Programme Team Sustainability of Utrecht University. The goal of this programme team is to accelerate the process of sustainability in the university’s operational management and in its internal and external communication. For more information about Utrecht University and Sustainability, take a look at Sustainable UU.


With the help of SOON, Utrecht University developed a Green Office model in 2013. Thanks to them and many other enthusiastic students and staff members, the Green Office was launched in September 2013.

The Green Office focuses on the following tasks:

  • The Green Office is a platform for students and staff on the topic of sustainability. We provide an overview of all on-going activities and of all the people within the university who are involved with the topic of sustainability.
  • The Green Office provides support to transform ideas of students and staff into real, running projects. Support is provided in the form of finances, advice or the Green Office network.
  • The Green Office wants to close the gap between students, staff and the university itself. Creating a more sustainable world will not happen by itself; we have to do it together!

Green Office model

The Green Office works with the following model:

Team Infographic

The Green Office Model was designed by rootAbility and is spreading rapidly across Europe. It is a source of inspiration and motivation for students and staff to establish and lobby for similar student-led and staff-supported sustainability hubs to make their organisations, communities and societies more sustainable. The Green Office Model is open-source, freely available to everyone under a Creative Commons License. Find out more about rootAbility and/or contact them to learn more or discuss your ideas.