Green Teams

Green Teams are working groups in which students and employees collaborate to make their faculty more sustainable. They assess the current status of sustainability at their faculty, investigate solutions, and initiate projects. Green Teams are an initiative of Green Office Utrecht University.  

A faculty specific approach 

The power of the Green Teams lies in the faculty specific approach. Each Green Team is part of a faculty with often unique sustainability challenges and opportunities. Green Teams provide the opportunity to organise sustainability more centralized within the faculty. 

Green Teams at Utrecht University

Read more about each specific Green Team and how you can get involved below. 

Support from the Green Office

  • We support faculties in setting up Green Teams.
  • We organize monthly meetings and a yearly kick-off for all Green Teams.
  • We provide budget for projects.
  • We help with making projects visible for all employees and students. 
  • We have a Green Team Coordinator as contact person for all Green Teams.

Get involved 

  • Are you a motivated student or employee who wishes to join a Green Team? When joining a Green Team, you will collaborate closely with your faculty board, faculty council, students, and employees. Additionally, you will become part of the network of the Green Office. You are always welcome to send an open application to
  • Do you have an idea how your faculty could become more sustainable? Do you have a question regarding the sustainability processes of your faculty? Or do you want to collaborate with a Green Team? Reach out to the Green Teams via the contact details listed above.