Use of (audio)visual material in teaching

Illustrations, videos and audio fragments are subject to the same rules that apply to other sources you want to use in your teaching material. Below you will find an overview of all options. Please remember: always credit your source.

Copyright-free and open material

Copyright-free illustrations and audiovisual works may be downloaded, shown during your lectures or included in your teaching material without restrictions.

When you reuse open licenced audiovisual material, check the statement on the website where it is published concerning reuse of the site content. Read more about open licences.

If you want to use illustrations from books or journals, you can do so based on the Easy Access Agreement.

What is allowed with copyrighted visual material?

  • Linking and streaming
    You are allowed to link to audiovisual material on the internet, provided it is legally made public. 
  • Embedding
    Embedding material, for instance in a digital learning environment, is permitted, provided it is legally made public and accessible.
  • Using the right to quote
    You are allowed to 'quote' a complete illustration, provided it is made legally public. The illustration must support the content of your teaching and should not be used to embellish your presentation
  •  Showing in your lectures

What is not allowed with copyrighted visual material?

It is not permitted to put a copy of audiovisual material on Blackboard, for your students to view at home. In this case you must ask permission from the copyright holder.


Do you have doubts whether you are allowed to include sources in your teaching material? Please contact us.