Easy Access Agreement

The Easy Access Agreement is an arrangement between the Dutch universities (VSNU) and academic publishers, represented by Stichting UvO (Publishing Organisation for Education Licences), about the inclusion of certain types of sources in educational material used within the university.

Read the Easy Access Agreement here

The agreement, also referred to as the "course pack agreement" (readerregeling), means that universities no longer need to separately report or pay for short and medium length source inclusions before publication. The universities pay a fixed fee to Stichting UvO for this.

In order to evaluate this arrangement, it has been agreed that Stichting UvO can carry out random checks into the reuse of copyright-protected works in educational material. It is determined in advance which course units and subjects will be checked.

Utrecht University must reduce the number of source inclusions. Therefore, preferably use a hyperlink to the publication.

What are short and medium length source inclusions?

Short inclusion:
inclusion on paper or in digital form from copyrighted works of

  • from a book:
    a maximum of 10,000 words, not exceeding one third of the original work (based on number of pages)
  • from a journal:
    a maximum of 8,000 words
  • from a literary text:
    a maximum of 100 lines of poetry or 2,500 words of prose, not exceeding one tenth of the entire original work
  • sheet music:
    from a song text: a maximum of one verse and refrain
    from a musical notation: a maximum of five staves from one sheet
  • pictures, charts, tables, diagrams and similar works:
    no more than 25 from the same original edition, and some works by the same author.

Medium length inclusion:
inclusion on paper or in digital form from copyrighted work that is not a short inclusion, of a maximum of 50 pages and a maximum of 25% of the content of the book or journal.

Explanation of the conditions

The above-mentioned maximums apply per file that you place on Blackboard. For example: if you would like to use 75 images from one source for your lecture, you could do so by distributing the images over three different PowerPoint presentations. It does not matter how many images you use per lecture or course, as long as you meet the requirements within one file (e.g. course pack, PowerPoint presentation).

If you want to place a copy from a journal or book on Blackboard as a PDF-file, you are bound by the rules of the Easy Access Agreement. It makes no difference whether the university library has the journal in its collection or not. If it concerns a digital journal that the university library has a subscription to, you can link to it.


Do you have any questions about the Easy Access Agreement? Please contact us.