Classy Salon #2: First-Gen Student Experiences and Student Support

The second Class-Conscious Academics Network event took place on March 10th, 2022. This was the first in-person event of the CCAN! We were able to welcome over 20 fellow first-gen and working-class students and academics at Café de Tussentijd.

There were amazing discussions about the (classed) experiences of first-gen students, language, self identification, and how to reach other first-gen students. During the drinks we organised afterwards, people were able to meet other first-gen and working-class students and academics, share their experiences, and enjoy the community that we are building.

Jule Lux(left) and Gina Meimann (right)

The event started with thesis presentations from Gina Meimann and Jule Lux on first-generation and working-class students in the Netherlands and Germany and their experiences of financial and cultural obstacles, discrimination, and growing self-confidence. During the Q&A section we discussed these classed experiences that came up in the research of Gina and Jule. 

After a short break we had a panel discussion with Chawila Soebhag from OpMaat and Marta García Escobar from the UCU 1st-Gen student society.  These two coordinators of student-led initiatives that support first-generation and working-class students discussed their vision for the future of their respective networks, what role language plays in these networks and what they loved most about the work they do. Moderation by Nina Köll.

From left to right: Nina Köll, Chawila Soebhag and Marta García Escobar