Our Team

The Class-Conscious Academics Network is organised by students and academics from different faculties of the Utrecht University, who are at differing stages of their career. In this way, we aim to include a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

Jeroen Rijnders

A picture of Jeroen Rijnders and his cat Phyllis

Jeroen is a lecturer at the Ethics Institute. His research and teaching focuses on moral philosophy, moral psychology, sexual ethics, and intersectional feminist, queer, racist, and class theory.

He is the founder of the CCAN.

Nina Köll

Nina is assistant professor of Media Studies at University College Utrecht (UCU) and PhD candidate at Utrecht University. Her key domains are: visual culture studies, media industry studies, digital culture, cultural studies/cultural critique (race, culture, gender, class).

She is also the co-founder of UCU’s Diversity Committee and co-founder of the CCAN.

Tatiana Bruni

Tatiana is assistant professor of Intercultural Communication and of Italian Language & Culture at University College Utrecht (UCU) and PhD candidate at Durham University (UK). Her research interests are critical intercultural communication, critical pedagogy, (education for) engaged citizenship, student voice and engagement, community engaged learning (CEL); collaborative online international learning (COIL); modern languages pedagogy.
Tatiana Bruni is a co-founder of CCAN.

Kim Stienstra

Kim is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology. In her dissertation, she uses twin methods to study whether the school quality mitigates or exacerbates the influences of children's social origin, gender, and genetic endowment on educational performance.

Kim is a co-founder of the CCAN.

Abdulla Abdalla

Abdulla is a lecturer at the Department of Constitutional & Administrative Law & Legal Theory of the Utrecht School of Law. His teaching and research is in the field of Dutch Administrative Law and Energy Law.

He is a co-founder of the CCAN.


Martin Blaakman

Martin is a lecturer at the Ethics Institute. His research and teaching focuses on political philosophy, moral psychology, pragmatism, non-deliberative action, discrimination, prejudices, and epistemic injustice.
He is a co-founder of the CCAN.

Jocelyn Ballantyne

Picture of Jocelyn Ballantyne

Jocelyn Ballantyne is a linguist who contributes to interdisciplinary education at University College Utrecht, teaching courses in linguistics, logic and community-engaged research. Her current research examines the role that multilingual language use plays in the process of integration of newcomers in Dutch society.

She is a co-founder of the CCAN.

Paul Mepschen

Paul is an assistant professor of Anthropology at University College Utrecht. His research focuses on questions of difference, belonging and identity in late-capitalist Europe. He teaches on the interconnections of racism, nationalism, and sexuality; on secularism & Islamophobia; and on populism & neoliberalism.

He is a co-founder of the CCAN.

Gina Meimann

Gina is a recent graduate of University College Utrecht, where she majored in Anthropology and Sociology. She wrote her final thesis about first-generation students at University Colleges in the Netherlands and is interested in class, education, elitism and critques of meritocracy. 

She is a co-founder of the CCAN 

Myrte Spaargaren

A picture of Myrte Spaargaren

Myrte is a student in the BA Liberal Arts & Sciences and BA Philosophy.

She is doing an internship with the CCAN.