Welcome to the Class-Conscious Academics Network!

The Class-Conscious Academics Network (CCAN) is a community by and for first-generation and working-class students and academics at the Utrecht University, organised under the umbrella of the EDI-Office's Diversity Networks.

People from 'working-class' or 'lower socio-economic status' backgrounds, often including 'first-generation students' and students with migration backgrounds, are highly underrepresented in academia. And even when they do find their way to the university, they can meet all sorts of obstacles on their academic journey.

We believe that better representation is an important matter of justice towards these people, as well as an important matter for the quality of scientific knowledge production.

Therefore, together, we want to educate, empower, and celebrate our identities through a range of activities, and make our university a more equal, diverse, and inclusive environment.