Utrecht Excellence Scholarship


For many outstanding students outside of Europe, studying at Utrecht University is not financially viable. Especially for them, the University created the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships (UES).

Since 2007, the University Fund has been raising additional funds for grants and scholarships from alumni. The arrival of these talented young students in Utrecht has enriched the University in every respect. The mix of different cultures, views and experiences promote debate, mutual understanding and creativity. By making a donation, you have brought an attractive future for talented young students a step closer. Thanks to the support of alumni, Utrecht University has been able to award 29 additional grants and scholarships since 2007.

Please visit our donation page, to find out more on how you can contribute to the future of talented academics from abroad.


Are you an international student who'd like to study at Utrecht University? Utrecht University, the Dutch Government and other organisations offer scholarships, fellowships and grants. A list of the scholarships that are most often used by international students studying in Utrecht can be found on the website uu.nl/masters/grants. Note that scholarship options for programmes starting in February are limited.