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We keep all our (international) alumni up to speed about our affairs and invite them to our events by email. Would you like to stay informed and/or be invited to an event, then please send us your contact information. We would ask you to also include your home address to allow us to send you specific information on events in your region.

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Not all information on this page is currently available in English. We are in the process of setting up a fully English version and hope to be able to offer this to you in the near future. Until that time we would ask you to contact us by email if you have any problems updating your information.

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+31 30 253 80 25


Visitors’ Address

Utrecht University Alumni Office
Bestuursgebouw, Uithof, Room 0.30
Heidelberglaan 8
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands 

Postal Address

Utrecht University Alumni Office
P.O. Box 80125
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands


Contact an international alumni network in your region

There are several alumni networks in cities around the world. Find out where and get in touch with these networks via WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Facebook.
No network in your region? Reach out to us via email to see what the possibilities are to start a network.