In 2021 Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht celebrated 385 years of science in Utrecht. The theme of this lustrum: Creating tomorrow together. Sounds logical, doesn't it? After all, we can only achieve a better world by joining forces. And our alumni turn out to be particularly good at this. We talked to a number of alumni about how they see the future and with whom they are working extremely hard to reach a better tomorrow.


"My dream is a just, sustainable world with an economy that works for all life on earth" — Lena Hartog

"A large case like the Childcare benefit scandal underscores the importance of collaboration" — Eva González Pérez

Searching for
the truth together

Eva González Pérez

"If the coronavirus pandemic has made anything clear, it’s that we can’t all stay isolated in our respective fields. The solutions have to come from all possible perspectives" — Marion Koopmans

The pandemic
has given collaboration
a boost

Marion Koopmans

"People tend to think that success is determined entirely by individual choices, or that there are a few secret tricks to it" — Rutger Bregman

"You can really make an impact if you also build sustainable homes for people who aren’t specifically looking for that" — Gert van Vugt and Jacintha Baas

Idealists with
a healthy
dose of swagger

Gert van Vugt & Jacintha Baas