Future Learning Spaces: Opening new learning space and launch of video clips

The need to reflect on the campus of the future has only increased due to the specific circumstances of the last two years. The lack of face to face meetings or informal (knowledge) exchange is visible in the evaluations and requires reinventing the added value of the physical working and learning environment.

At Utrecht University, the Future Learning Spaces project looks into this issue. In recent years, three Future Learning Spaces have been set up to stimulate student-oriented, active and collaborative learning. The spaces are open to all UU lecturers and students. This way, everyone can experiment with new educational methods and reflect on how we can optimize the layout and use of learning spaces.

On 12 November, one of these rooms, 'the Hybrid Active Learning Classroom', was officially opened. Because of the layout with group tables and the position of the teacher in the middle of the room, this room is extremely suitable for interactive group work. Watch this video for an impression of this room.

The video impressions and characteristics of both other rooms can be seen on the website of the Future Learning Spaces project:

  • In the Teaching & Learning Lab, teachers and students can determine the setting of the space themselves to suit the teaching method.
  • In the Virtual classroom, 'remote education' is given a more personal and interactive educational experience through the large screens and camera set-ups.

In this way, we acquire more knowledge about the influence of physical learning environment on the behavior of teachers and students. With this knowledge we continue to build a future campus that matches the educational practice of Utrecht University.