26 February 2019

Family sociologist Anne-Rigt Poortman receives VICI grant

Dr. Anne-Rigt Poortman is awarded an NWO grant of 1,5 million euros. She will use the grant to conduct research into the consequences of the rise of co-parenting and new relationships for children and parents for the next five years.

Novel research area

The "Vici" is one of the largest personal academic grants in the Netherlands. Besides Poortman, 31 other advanced researcher will receive a grant, among which Rembrandt Duine, one of Utrecht’s theoretical phycisists. With this Vici grant, they can develop a novel research area and construct their own research group.

Onderzoek 'Gezinsrelaties na scheiding'


The name of Anne-Rigt Poortman’s new project is ‘Family diversity after divorce and outcomes for children and parents’. Because of the rise of co-parenting and new relationships, diversity among divorced families has increased. With this project, Poortman, who specialises in family sociology, researches differences and similarities between children and parents within a variety of family types.

Research theme Youth

If you want to tackle societal issues, it is best to start with children. Utrecht research theme Dynamics of Youth invests in a resilient youth. Academics from all disciplines collaborate in order to better understand child development. How do we help children and youth flourish in our rapidly changing society?