Deadline to apply for Future Learning Spaces for semester 2 is September 4th

Would you like to use a Future Learning Space in your regular teaching in semester 2 (2023-2024) or are you looking for a special location for learning activities in your class? Then contact us at or let your faculty scheduling office know which FLS you would like to use.

You will then receive an invitation for an orientation meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss your wishes regarding the space and check whether the teaching activities fit well with the character of the Future Learning Space.

Due to the planning of the UU-wide educational timetable, it is important to submit your application for semester 2 (2023-2024) by September 4th at the latest!

Do you also have teaching moments in semester 1 for which you would like to use an FLS? Via TimeEdit reserve, you can check whether a space is still free and make reservations.

What is a Future Learning Space?

Standard workgroup spaces are becoming increasingly flexible, but sometimes your ideas for work forms during your lessons do not fit into the available spaces. The layout of the room is not suitable for group work or during the activating learning methods you had thought of, you still run into limitations. Do you recognise this? Then maybe a Future Learning Space is for you!

Future Learning Spaces are available throughout the university and have been developed to give lecturers and students room to experiment with the layout of the classroom. Working closely with lecturers and students, several experimental spaces have been realised and new innovative spaces are in the pipeline! 

For example, an Outdoor Learning Space in the Botanical Gardens is being worked hard on, and from September a Mobile Hybrid Set will be available that allows you to keep in touch with students who cannot be physically present during fieldwork or excursions, for example, and participate online from home. 

The developments around the physical learning environment make more possible than you think.

Click on the links of the already developed spaces below to get an idea of the characteristics and possibilities of the FLS or go to the Future Learning Spaces website.

  1. (Hybrid) Active Learning Classroom:  Bolognalaan 100, room 2.049 (capacity 48 people)
    Room where interactive, student-centred and collaborative learning is central and which stimulates active learning through its set-up.
  2. Learning Plaza: Minnaert Building, room 1.35 (capacity: 150 people)
    Due to its size, the LP offers the possibility for different learning activities to take place simultaneously.
  3. Virtual Classroom: Virtual Classroom: Ruppert Building, room 1.39 (capacity: 48 people online)
    Space for distance education with a natural teaching experience similar to teaching in a physical learning environment.

Any questions, would you like to take a look at the spaces or try out the mobile hybrid set? Then contact: