3 June 2019

Dan Hassler-Forest on the public debate

On May 27th, dr. Dan Hassler-Forest (Media en Performance Studies) visited the radio programme De publieke tribune ('The public tribune') to talk about the public debate. 

Controversial speakers, and the role of media and stages in amplifying their voices, are being questioned more often. The call for blocking blunt, dangerous or discriminating opinions of others is increasing. The public debate continues to polarise.


Are we unable to handle each other in the public debate? Is the free exchanges of ideas being supressed? Or should we limit what opinions get a platform, in order to combat misinformation, racism and sexism? And to what extent has the commercialisation of media led to the shift of attention to extreme voices in order to gain commercial success?

Dr. Dan Hassler-Forest. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Dr. Dan Hassler-Forest

Dan Hassler-Forest 

Dan Hassler-Forest is media scholar and connected to the Institutions for Open Societies, the interdisciplinary focus area of Utrecht University aimed at the development and construction of healthy, open societies worldwide.