The Descartes Centre provides education in the Master's programme in History and Philosophy of Science and the Dutch-taught Minor programmes in history of science (Wetenschapsgeschiedenis) and history and philosophy of the natural sciences (Geschiedenis en filosofie van de natuurwetenschappen).


For Bachelor's students: Geschiedenis en filosofie van de wetenschap (Dutch-taught)

University students learn how to conduct scientific research by a specific method. But why do we do it that way, and not in a different way? How has the modern academic business emerged? Are other methods conceivable as well? How 'certain' is our knowledge, and what are the origins of the fundamental concepts of, for example, the theory of evolution, the theory of relativity, and quantum mechanics? The courses in this minor programme, which can also be taken separately, deal with these questions and their various possible answers.

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For Master's students: History and Philosophy of Science

The two-year Master’s programme in History and Philosophy of Science offers a unique opportunity to study the foundations, practices, and culture of the sciences and humanities from a historical and philosophical perspective.

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