Faculty of Humanities

With our expertise, we contribute to analysing and solving issues in society, science and scholarship in the following areas:

University-wide themes

Utrecht University has four strategic research themes and eleven research focus areas, in which academics from different fields of study cooperate on an integrated approach to current issues. Humanities scholars participate in the following themes in particular:

What makes a society open and resilient?

What is the contribution made by institutions – the formal and informal rules of human action – to long-term prosperity, equality and democracy? This research is carried out within the strategic theme Institutions.

Growing up to become well-balanced adults

How can young people develop into well-balanced adults in a rapidly-changing society? This research is carried out within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth.

Towards a sustainable society

How can we make the transition towards a society that is ecologically, economically and socially balanced? This research is carried out within the strategic theme Sustainability.

The cultural and legal foundations of citizenship

Who belongs? Who is protected by the law? Which cultural factors are shaping citizenship in Europe today? This research is carried out within the focus area Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights.

The nature and impact of scientific knowledge

How has the production of scientific knowledge developed over the centuries, and how are the results being disseminated? This research is carried out within the focus area History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities.

Latest news on research

Een symfonieorkest - Wikimedia Commons
31 March 2015
Emanuel Overbeeke's dissertation on Dutch symphonic orchestras between 1945 and 2000 is nominated for the Boekman Dissertation Prize.
26 March 2015
This volume brings together a team of leading scholars to explore and compare linguistic practices of young people in multilingual urban space.
Prof. dr. Teun Tieleman
24 March 2015
As of 1 april 2015, Teun Tieleman will be Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Medicine at the Faculty of Humanities.

Faculty of Humanities