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The focus area Utrecht Applied Data Science builds a community of researchers who are interested in developing the field of data science. By joining forces and working interdisciplinarily, we can accelerate the development of data science techniques within Utrecht University. This includes introducing data science techniques in research areas where they are not yet applied.

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Special Interest Groups

Utrecht Applied Data Science is starting up interdisciplinary Special Interest Groups (SIGs) with the objective of sharing knowledge and facilitating collaboration. A SIG is a community of colleagues with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to produce solutions in their particular field. The SIGs are open to UU researchers and other interested parties. Check out which SIG(s) might fit your needs:

Other activities


Dave Hessen
7 March 2019 11:30 - 12:30
A lecture by Dave Hessen about Moving beyond linearity.
Peter van der Heijden
4 April 2019 11:30 - 12:30
A lecture by Peter van der Heijden about tree-based models.
Daniel Oberski
9 May 2019 11:30 - 12:30
A lecture by Daniel Oberski about support vector machines.


Hand bij een computerscherm
31 January 2019
Seven research proposals were approved for funding by the focus area Applied Data Science.
Hand bij een computerscherm
14 November 2018
The Seminars introduce the topic Machine Learning to a broad community and bring researchers from different backgrounds together.
Hand bij een computerscherm
31 October 2018
A series of lunch lectures introducing commonly used data science techniques to a broad audience without prior data science knowledge.