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No Future without History

Researchers in the Department of History and Art History examine the past by reflecting on contemporary developments. The future of Europe, the threat posed by terrorism, increasing inequality, institutions driven by collective action, new forms of citizenship, globalisation in the modern world, the role of art in identity formation, and dealing with cultural heritage are examples of the topics we focus on. The knowledge we offer is fed by a wide range of research projects.


Police violence after social uprising in Paris’ suburb Clichy, 1 May 1891 - Photo: Wikimedia Commons
15 January 2016
Every fortnight a new blogpost will be published on the ERC project website ‘Securing Europe, Fighting Its Enemies 1815-1914’.
Dr. Mathieu Segers
7 January 2016
What will Europe face in 2016? dr. Mathieu Segers looked ahead in the BNR radio programme of Roelof Hemmen Radio and EenVandaag.
6 January 2016
Subsidies have been awarded to no less than 4 projects: on Europe, early modern language dynamics, medieval science, and emancipation and religion.


11 February 2016 15:15 -
Nathanje Dijkstra will give a seminar titled ‘Who decides on sickness and health? Disability enacted’.
UCLA Lecture 2016 by Teofilo F. Ruiz
12 February 2016 15:30 -
The annual UCLA lecture is held this year by Teofilo F. Ruiz, Professor of Medieval History.
18 February 2016 16:15 -
This new series kicks off with presentations by Pim Huijnen (cultural history) and Arno Siebes (algorithmic data analysis).

Department of History and Art History