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Prof. dr. Karl Kügle
22 May 2015
Musicologist Karl Kügle and his team will study the rol of music in late medieval court cultures at a European scale.
18 May 2015
Dr Katell Lavéant is one of the fifteen researchers from Utrecht University to receive a Vidi grant from the NWO.
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11 May 2015
Almost 1 million euros has been granted to the research project "Grage - Grey and green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas".
Bastard CROWD [mobile] - Foto: Aschwanden/Zenk - www.ailab.at
7 May 2015
'bastardCROWD[mobile]' uses the book Bastard Culture by media theorist Schäfer as a starting point for investigating the everyday use of smartphones.
Photo: esciencecenter.nl
7 May 2015
The NLeSC has granted a funding to "Mining Shifting Concepts through Time (ShiCo): Word Vector Text Mining Change and Continuity in Conceptual History".


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Wednesday 27 May 2015 -
In this workshop, the different interpretations of 'human rights' will be made explicit and applied to the current human rights discourse.
'Petrol Engine Memorial Park', Tea Mäkipää (2008)
Thursday 28 May 2015 -
In four gatherings, several scholars address the critical issues of (post)humanism in present day artistic and intellectual work.
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Thursday 28 May 2015 09:00 -
As a part of the Ethics Institute's project Human Dignity and Human Rights, Prof. Christopher McCrudden will give a Human Dignity Lecture on 28 May.
Thursday 28 May 2015 09:30 -
On Thursday May 28th, the conference 'Theories and Rules' is held on the occasion of the defense Jeroen Goudsmit's dissertation 'Intuitionistic Rules'.
Foto: bak-utrecht.nl
Thursday 28 May 2015 09:30 -
In this edition of the Posthuman Glossary, Rick Dolphijn, Erich Hörl, Gerald Raunig and Ursula Biemann will explore the topic of eco-sophies

New publications

Carlos Fuentes - Wikimedia Commons/Abderrahman Bouirabdane
7 May 2015
Reindert Dhondt wrote the first systematic study on the Mexican author Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012) as a follower of the baroque.
29 April 2015
A new book of historian Tine de Moor will be published at Cambridge University Press, entitled 'The Dilemma of the Commoners'.
Pussy Riot - photo: Denis Bochkarev
23 April 2015
A book on the entanglements of art, activism and ethics in the work of philosopher Gilles Deleuze.
Mise en scène - Frank Kessler
17 April 2015
In this volume Frank Kessler charts the history of the term 'mise en scène', from 19th century theatre circles til the contemporary media landscape.
2 April 2015
In his new book, Rob Kroes, a major voice in transnational America Studies, addresses politics and culture in post-9/11 America.

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