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Prof. dr. Karl Kügle
22 May 2015
Musicologist Karl Kügle and his team will study the rol of music in late medieval court cultures at a European scale.
18 May 2015
Dr Katell Lavéant is one of the fifteen researchers from Utrecht University to receive a Vidi grant from the NWO.
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11 May 2015
Almost 1 million euros has been granted to the research project "Grage - Grey and green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas".
Bastard CROWD [mobile] - Foto: Aschwanden/Zenk - www.ailab.at
7 May 2015
'bastardCROWD[mobile]' uses the book Bastard Culture by media theorist Schäfer as a starting point for investigating the everyday use of smartphones.
Photo: esciencecenter.nl
7 May 2015
The NLeSC has granted a funding to "Mining Shifting Concepts through Time (ShiCo): Word Vector Text Mining Change and Continuity in Conceptual History".


'Petrol Engine Memorial Park', Tea Mäkipää (2008)
Friday 22 May 2015 -
In four gatherings, several scholars address the critical issues of (post)humanism in present day artistic and intellectual work.
Sunday 24 May 2015 -
The buildings of the Faculty of Humanities are closed during several public holidays this spring.
Dr Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor - Photo: Flickr/Liberal Arts Voices
Tuesday 26 May 2015 11:00 -
On May 27, Dr Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor will give a Doing Gender Lecture, entitled ‘Becoming Plastic: Plaesthetics, the Matrix and Hospitality‘.
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Wednesday 27 May 2015 -
In this workshop, the different interpretations of 'human rights' will be made explicit and applied to the current human rights discourse.
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Wednesday 27 May 2015 14:00 -
As a part of the Ethics Institute's project Human Dignity and Human Rights, Prof. Lynn Hunt will give a Human Dignity Lecture on 27 May.

New publications

Carlos Fuentes - Wikimedia Commons/Abderrahman Bouirabdane
7 May 2015
Reindert Dhondt wrote the first systematic study on the Mexican author Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012) as a follower of the baroque.
29 April 2015
A new book of historian Tine de Moor will be published at Cambridge University Press, entitled 'The Dilemma of the Commoners'.
Pussy Riot - photo: Denis Bochkarev
23 April 2015
A book on the entanglements of art, activism and ethics in the work of philosopher Gilles Deleuze.
Mise en scène - Frank Kessler
17 April 2015
In this volume Frank Kessler charts the history of the term 'mise en scène', from 19th century theatre circles til the contemporary media landscape.
2 April 2015
In his new book, Rob Kroes, a major voice in transnational America Studies, addresses politics and culture in post-9/11 America.

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