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4 July 2015
Jeroen Salman receives subsidy from NWO for the project 'The European dimensions of popular print culture'.
Afbeeldingen van Galenus uit verschillende perioden
3 July 2015
Tieleman receives funding from NWO for his project ‘Human Nature: Medical and Philosophical Perspectives in the Work of Galen of Pergamum’.
Galileo Galilei in gesprek met twee oude mannen, Stefano della Bella, 1632 - Rijksmuseum
3 July 2015
Anna-Luna Post will analyse how Galileo Galilei's reputation developed during his career.
Erik Meinema
3 July 2015
Erik Meinema's project is titled ‘Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding in Nigeria. A post-secular perspective on youth peacebuilding.’
Sven Dupré
2 July 2015
This new chair focuses on the production and consumption of art and its embedding in the history of knowledge.


Parnassos Nieuwsbrief Tour de France
Saturday 4 July 2015 -
All UU buildings in the city centre will be closed on 4-5 July because of the Tour de France.
Thursday 27 August 2015 -
To what extent did the 19th-century division line between natural sciences and humanities exist on the level of epistemic virtues?
Festival Oude Muziek 2015, Eventalks
Saturday 29 August 2015 18:30 -
Every evening of the festival a scholar or artist gives a short, inspiring presentation with live music by Vox Luminis.
Prof. dr. Bob Becking
Wednesday 2 September 2015 10:00 -
Becking will give his lecture of departe after the conference 'The Unforeseen Utility of the Useless: The Future of Academic Theology'.
Monday 7 September 2015 09:00 -
The UU, HU and the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logopedie en Foniatrie organise a symposium about today's research on speech sciences.

New publications

25 June 2015
This book analyses the ways that youth culture online interacts with issues of diaspora, gender, and belonging.
16 June 2015
This volume explores how governments endeavoured to build and maintain public support for the Afghan war. With a preface by Jaap de Hoop Scheffer.
Jan Jorrit Hasselaar en prof. dr. Peter-Ben Smit bieden het eerste exemplaar aan de patriarch  Bartholomeüs I aan.
11 June 2015
The book by Prof. Peter-Ben Smit and Jan Jorrit Hasselaar is based on the 'green patriarch' 's visit to the Netherlands in May 2014.
27 May 2015
This book discusses the relations between two contested fields, performance and phenomenology, with international case studies.
Carlos Fuentes - Wikimedia Commons/Abderrahman Bouirabdane
7 May 2015
Reindert Dhondt wrote the first systematic study on the Mexican author Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012) as a follower of the baroque.

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