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Prof. dr. Sonja de Leeuw
1 December 2015
Since 1 November Sonja de Leeuw (Television Culture) is a member of the scientific board of the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities.
Winnaar Didi van Trijp, geflankeerd door de aanwezige genomineerden Tamar van der Kuil en Nicole Linkels - foto: vriendenvandewitt.nl/Peter Hilz
30 November 2015
Van Trijp studied notions on the structure of the universe among two Amsterdam chambers of rhetoric in the early 17th century.
Dr. Frans Wiering
27 November 2015
Wiering will focus on the collaboration between researchers in the humanities and computer sciences and on developing a Digital Humanities strategy.
Prof. dr. Rick de Graaff
26 November 2015
De Graaff will be a Professor in the department of Language, Literature and Communication at Utrecht University as of 1 January 2016.
Woodcut from a 1720 collection by William Dodd shows both male and female witches flying on broomsticks. Photo: Wellcome Library, London.
20 November 2015
Steije Hofhuis will conduct research into qualitative Darwinism, funded by the Stichting Professor van Winter Fonds.


Thursday 3 December 2015 09:00 -
Utrecht University is a partner in the EUscreenXL project, which will be hosting a conference on online audiovisual collections.
Prof. Naomi Davidson
Thursday 3 December 2015 11:00 -
Lecture-cum-seminar with Naomi Davidson (University of Ottawa) on French Islam in the twentieth century.
Europe in crisis
Thursday 3 December 2015 14:30 -
Beatrice de Graaf will speak at the yearly lecture organized by the Scientific Council for Government Policy.
Thursday 3 December 2015 15:30 -
Sabine Sörgel will trace the politics of transnational collaboration in contemporary dance through the theoretical works of Braidotti and Roach.
Monday 7 December 2015 15:00 -
Steenbakkers will speak about 'Spinoza's Web', Hodson about Henry Oldenburg’s Philosophical Transactions as a Repository of Translations.

New publications

17 November 2015
In their new book, Marijke Meijer Drees and Sonja de Leeuw explore one of today's most controversial socio-cultural topics: satire.
12 November 2015
In his new book, Rudie Botha adresses the shows how we can understand the evolution of language without direct evidence.
2 November 2015
English translation of Geert Buelens' award-winning book about European poets during the First World War.
23 October 2015
The acclaimed book 'De herschepping van de wereld' by Floris Cohen is now available in English.
18 October 2015
In her new book, Birgit Meyer explores Ghanaian video culture in relation to Christianity.

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