Track title: 
Track: Teacher Degree (partly Dutch spoken)

Track description: 

In the (partly Dutch-spoken) Teacher Degree track you will qualify for a first degree teaching qualification in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or computer science (admission requirements differ per school subject). This track has a strong orientation towards the theory and practice of the teaching profession in secondary education. Programme components specific to this track include:

  • Courses on subject teaching and general teaching methods;
  • Two school internships scheduled either 1) during a year (halftime) or 2)  during a semester (fulltime), depending on entrance level and study progress. The two internships are usually at two different partner schools. Trainees gradually take on more responsibility for class teaching as the year progresses;
  • Substantial research project in science education (school subject specific).

Excellent students can apply for U-TEAch, the international honours variant of this track.

Track title: 
Track: Research and Development

Track description: 

In the Research and Development track you will be heading towards careers in educational design, informal education, science communication, or science education research. The track combines experiences in professional practice with a strong research orientation. Programme components specific to this track include:

  • Two internships, one at a school (formal education), and one at an organization which focusses on Science Education & Communication to the general public (Informal education), such as Science museum, Science journalism or Science communication.
  • Substantial research project in science education and communication.