After admission

After your admission or conditional admission, you should consider the following activities and actions to be taken. 

Intake activities

All students are required to participate in the intake activities organised by the Graduate School of Teaching. This is a condition for admission, so please check your letter of conditional admission. Through these activities, our Graduate School aims to stimulate an ambitious study environment, increase the bond with the Graduate School/programme and prevent dropout. During the intake, the mutual expectations of you and the teachers and the intensity of the programme will be discussed. Intake is not the same as selection: you decide whether you and this programme are a good match. 


The intake activities are scheduled for:

September start 2024

13 May 2024, 17:00 - 20:00 

Utrecht Science Park

Februari start 2025



You will be invited one week before the intake activities take place.

Introduction activities

The Graduate School of Teaching and the Faculty of Science organise different introduction activities. Your chosen track (Teacher Degree or Research and Development) ánd the semester in which you start the Master’s programme (August/September or February) determine which activities you have to attend, and when. Participation is mandatory. Below, and enclosed with the letter of (conditional) admission, you will find more information.

Starting in August/September

Starting in February

All information can be found on Intro GST.

UU Welcome Week for international students

Besides the introduction activities for all SEC-students organised by the Graduate School of Teaching and the Faculty of Science, all international students that start in September will also receive an invitation for the  University's Orientation Day, organised by Utrecht University.

Part of the programme for this day will consist of support and advice regarding practical matters, such as your registration with the city. Utrecht University would like you to feel welcome and at home at the university. The UU Welcome Week will be your first introduction to the university and city and will help you find your place. Keep an eye on your inbox for information about signing up and the programme!