Career prospects

The career prospects for our graduates are good. Approximately half of our students start a career as a teacher. Others may find a job as an educational researcher at a university or in another setting in which they can pass on their science knowledge to others, such as in museums, or with education- or communication-based companies and organisations. 

Getting started as a teacher

After completing the Teacher Degree track, you will be qualified as a teacher for one of the school subjects in both the lower and upper years of secondary education. The employment prospects for teachers in science subjects are generally good, but there are differences between school subjects. There are many vacancies for teachers in chemistry, computer science, physics and mathematics, but there are fewer vacancies for biology teachers. 

Apart from being qualified as a teacher in chemistry, computer science, physics or mathematics, you will also be qualified to teach Nature, Life and Technology after completing this Master’s programme. 

A wide variety of careers

Graduates from the Research and Development track, as well as graduates from the Teacher Degree track who do not opt for a position as a teacher in secondary education, find work in a wide variety of careers: 

  • Science education and communication research (e.g. a PhD position) 
  • Teacher in academia or university of applied sciences (HBO)
  • Developer of education and communication in a museum (e.g. Universiteitsmuseum, Museon-Omniversum or Naturalis)
  • Educational publishing (writing teaching methods, developing curricula)
  • Education/communication officer for Nature and Environment Organisations and Zoos (e.g. Artis or Utrecht Natuurlijk)
  • Science journalism for newspapers, magazines or social media
  • Policy- or government-related positions (e.g. SLO-stichting leerplan-ontwikkeling or Rathenau Instituut)
  • Public health officer at e.g. Hersenstichting or Alzheimer Nederland 
  • Communications officer at a science-related organisation or institution RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment) or Stichting C3 (promotion of interest in chemistry)

UU Career Services

UU Career Services offers training related to career orientation and job application skills – examples include writing an application letter and CV and conducting a job interview. You can find more information about career services on UU Career Services for Dutch students or UU Career Services for international students.

UU Careers Day

Once a year, Utrecht University organises a Careers Day. This Careers Day offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings and to meet recruiters at the careers fair. It is also possible to participate in job application training or have your résumé checked.