Which governance for the offshore industry? (WP3)

The WP3 is assigned to PhD researcher, Nikolaos Giannopoulos, who aims at realizing the fourth objective of the research project: assessing the consequences of changes in competing interests on regulating and performing economic activities at sea, with a focus on offshore energy production activities. Specifically, his research focuses on the international environmental regulation of offshore energy generation.

The overarching research question is: What is the impact of normative interactions among various applicable international rules, norms and standards on the sovereign discretion of States to regulate offshore energy production activities?

WP3 explores the impact of normative developments in international environmental and international investment law on the standard of diligence that States are expected to show in complying with their obligation to protect and preserve the marine environment against pollution from offshore energy production activities.  It analyses how normative developments can adapt in response to the factual, technological and scientific developments in the context of offshore energy generation.

WP3 can be divided in two parts:

1: It analyses the complex global international legal framework.

2: It examines how this framework is implemented, developed and functions at the regional level in selected regional seas.

Overview of Research