Steering committee

Professor Richard Barnes (University of Hull)

Richard Barnes
Professor of Law at the University of Hull
Profile: University of Hull - Law School

Laurence Boisson de Chazournes (University of Geneva)

Laurence Boisson de Chazournes
Professor of Law at the University of Geneva
Profile in French: Université de Genève - Faculté de Droit 
biography in English (pdf)

Liesbeth Lijnzaad

Liesbeth Lijnzaad
Extraordinary professor Practice of International Law at the University of Maastricht 
Judge, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (Hamburg)

Profile: Maastricht University

Nilufer Oral (Istanbul Bilgi University)

Nilufer Oral
Professor of Law at Istanbul Bilgi University
Co-Chair of the IUCN Specialist Group on Oceans, Coasts and Coral Reefs of the Commission on Environmental
Member of the International Law Commission

Profile: IUCN Academy of Environmental Law